SAGE White Label Services is a U.S. based professional service outsourcing firm.
Our team in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois and San Juan, Puerto Rico is made up of highly-skilled
U.S. credentialed Accountants & Tax professionals providing outsourcing services to CPA firms.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we see that a business owners’ time is best spent focusing on your business – generating revenue, advancing the mission of serving more clients and/or deliberately growing the business. We support that focus by creating time and peace of mind as your trusted professional service partners. We are invested in your success and see our relationship as a true symbiotic, positive partnership.

Your success is our success.

Our primary objective is to support the intentional growth of your business.
We help our clients solve the following experiences:

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Finding, Hiring & Retaining Talent

Finding and cultivating a team

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Business Development

More time and capacity to develop new client relationships while focusing on the more interesting and advisory components of your business

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Cost Effective

Powerful partnership that compliments your value proposition with price point competitive advantage in an increasingly commoditized industry

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Expanding Bandwidth

Expand your team’s bandwidth with a straightforward turnkey solution

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Intentional Growth

When we partner with our clients, we can assist in business planning to collaborate and coordinate your intentional growth minds

We hold ourselves to high-standards
in everything we do.

Partner with us and experience our difference.

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Dictate on your terms how you want your business to grow. Too often a small business can find itself growing at a rate and scale that is not sustainable for long term success. We work with you to specifically capture what needs to be done to make sure that your enterprise is on track with your vision and goals.

One of the goals of a business owner is to maximize the value and gifts your employees bring to the firm and its clients. Outsourcing can present an opportunity to streamline tasks and create operational efficiencies that give your employees a chance to do what they do best. These operational efficiencies can create a positive feedback loop which drives greater service to existing clients, which brings in more revenue, which ultimately creates a more successful relationship between all parties.

There are two ways to create a more profitable enterprise: increasing revenue and/or finding ways to keep costs down. It can be a double-edged sword in the pursuit of delivering service to new clients because of the additional employees necessary to meet new demand. All the sudden the chase to increase revenue leads to profits plateauing because of the additional costs that have arisen from staffing and overhead. A successful outsourcing strategy allows the business owner to rely on the existing team to focus their efforts on finding new opportunities to bring in revenue, without having the burden of greater overhead costs that typically accompany new business.

We can give you the time and freedom to pursue new client relationships and grow your business. We recognize that business development, and cultivating new relationships, is the lifeblood of any successful firm. Yet, the struggle with daily work can keep successful CPAs working in the business instead of working on the business. Most business owners consistently convert prospects into clients, outsourcing a portion of the more routine tax work to our team of skilled tax professionals can allow you to create a balance where you can prospect and grow the enterprise value of your business. Don’t let another year go by wondering why you didn’t have the time to cultivate new relationships.

An AICPA survey identified that finding and retaining qualified  talent  continues to be one of the Top 5 Challenges for  CPA firms.  Dedicated time and resources are required to find qualified talent and small and mid-size firms need to address staffing challenges to ensure that work is done with little disruption.  Time, dedicated resources with hiring experience and focus are required to find and hire people who can be immediately productive and provide value with little training.

Partnering with us will allow you to spend your time and resources on serving clients instead of finding and hiring talent. Nearshoring allows your existing team to offload more routine, but necessary work, to focus on more challenging and engaging opportunities. Your team can concentrate on strengthening client relationships and tax advice-giving that showcases the value you add to clients’ lives.